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  We distribute self protective devices for effective personal safety during emergencies
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Are you prepared to survive the next Natural Disaster or Terrorist Attack by Weapons Of Mass Destruction "WMD" ?
like a major Hurricane, strong earthquake, Biological weapons attack, chemical weapons attack, dirty bomb (nuclear attack).

First Responder teams such as Hazmat, Firefighter and Military may not be able to immediately assist you during a crucial emergency.

These Personal Protection products are lightweight, flexible and durable enough to provide effective personal safety and total freedom of movement.
Pet Protection Kit
Provides NBC Protection (nuclear fallout, biological & chemical agents) by creating a positive air pressure to prevent entry of outside contaminated air.

  1. Place the shelter/cage inside the NBC protective wrap.
  2. Connect the purified air supply blower unit.
  3. Place your pet inside the enclosure.
  4. Turn on the battery powered air blower.
  5. Seal the outer NBC enclosure.
  • Works with any standard cage.
  • Operates 6 to 10 hrs on over-the-counter replaceable LITHIUM batteries.
  • 10 YEAR Shelf-Life on Wrap and blower.
  • Includes detailed instructions manual.

* XLarge unit utilizes 2 blowers & 2 filters to provide adequate oxygen levels for pets over 100 lbs. or for use in hot climates.
Pet NBC Protection Kit
Provides safe filtered air to protect your pet in the event of NBC nuclear, biological or chemical accident or terrorist attack.
  • NBC Pet Gas Mask / Tent protective wrap.
  • Clear see-through.
  • Place your pet inside the enclosure.
  • Turn on the battery powered air blower (included).
  • Runs 6+ hours on 4 replaceable 3V Lithium Batteries
  • Includes a NATO NBC filter
  • Size: 30"w x 24"d x 19H
  • Suitable for small pets.
  • Carrying Bag included.
$280.00   Qty      

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